Kelly is finally back with new pop-tastic single…

Kelly Clarkson, who has been missing from radio-waves for a while (as she was busy living her life –  aka getting married, and becoming a mother) with her previous single “People Like Us” being released back in early 2013. She has now finally returned with a brand new infectious single, titled “Heartbeat Song”.

Quirkily, the lyrics also smartly touch on her extended hiatus, “this is my heartbeat song, been so long I forgot how to turn it up, up, up all night long”. Don’t worry, you’ve still got it Gurrl…

“Heartbeat Song” is the first single off her upcoming new album, which is set to be released in March! (Yep 2015 is certainly looking bright for Kelly)

Overall, this is pure Kelly – many may comment that she needs to grow with her sound, but why should she? Why can’t an artists remain true to themselves, instead of jumping the shark by changing their sound. It just leads to the uncertainty of being either hit or miss, and garnering even more criticism.

With that, it’s nice to have Kelly back with fresh new infectious and catchy new material. Go Kelly!!

Listen to the hot new single below:


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Image: Billboard